At the time of request, what you want to prepare in advance,
Summarize the notes you want to check.

Main items to check when making a request

  1. Contents of request
    (New site production, renewal, other)
  2. Approximate number of pages
  3. Design of your choice(The site URL you want to refer to)
  4. Schedule(Desired release date)
  5. Budget
  6. Preparation of manuscripts and materials in digital data
  7. Acquisition status of server domain
  8. Uneasy points about the production and the current trouble point

General site production process

1.Request confirmation, work estimate

2.Official request(Later, charges will occur

3.Total design, preparation of manuscript

4.Design work

5.Coding work

6.Comprehensive check and correction


Preparation of manuscripts and materials

Text manuscript
●If possible, Please create a document on “Google Drive”
● Prepare plain text so that you can copy the text as it is.
●Please do not put or in the sentence for layout.
●Avoid character-dependent characters such as pictograms, circled numbers.

Digital camera photo● Vertical and horizontal: 2000px or more
●JPEG format low compression (= high quality)
● Please use storage server when you offer.
●Please make sure there are no copyright issues.
Illustration, data for paper media● Please prepare the file format as one of the following.
Logo data● In principle, prepare in vector data (AI, EPS, PDF format).

● Please send specifications and guidelines together

Please use the following storage service when sending data. All correspond to Japanese, and it is a service that can be used safely.