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Your mind will reach users and make him smile and happy
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We help you with branding through our web marketing.
We will enhance the value experience of our customers through blog with SEO , advertisement using foreign celebrities, and SNS operation.


Understanding design intent and using motion and effects appropriately can make a significant difference to your website. We code various sites such as smartphone sites, highly updatable sites using WordPress, and active sites using Javascript.


Since we are an overseas base, we will cut costs for all simple operations.

for example,
・outsourcing of EC operations
・Outsourcing AirBnb Agency Operations
・Outsourcing SNS Marketing



I was in charge of creating a website for Kadomori, whose salon is located in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya.

And I create EC shop as well.

Heartful Marriage

We have created a website for a marriage counseling center in Osaka, Heartful Marriage.

I am in charge of design and coding.


We created a website of Goodfield Co., Ltd., which operates five branch of restaurants, such as restaurants and bars, in Osaka.

I am in charge of designing and coding.​

I created a website of Hitomi Ariyoshi Nail Academy in Umeda, Osaka.

I am in charge of everything from design to coding.

We have created a website for a resource recycling company in Osaka, Unicle Corporation.

I am in charge of coding a part.

I made a website of Tanimachi Kadan in Osaka.

I am in charge of coding a part.



It is a general price, but it is about the same as or a little cheaper than a medium-sized web production company (about 10-30 employees). I will post a sense of image with specific numbers, so it would be fortunate if you could use it as a criterion for judgment.

Basically, we will make a proposal that meets your budget. We would appreciate it if you would like us to consult with you if you have something of high quality and cheap.

Under 1500USD

Available with WP template
Simple site of about 10 pages

Planning, design, configuration

Top + Lower page design

Responsive Design [PC / Smartphone]

Inquiry mail form

Basic SEO

Around 2000 USD

Multi-page site, HTML5 site

Multifunctional EC site

Planning, design, configuration

Top + Lower page design

Responsive Design [PC / Smartphone]

Inquiry mail form

Basic SEO

CSV upload function, EC cart function, etc.


What esle I can handle is

Requirements definition​​

UX (User Experience) Design Process​

Security test


Content planning/editing/writing




 Corporates structure
   Sole proprietor
Hiro Parker Sugra
Description of business

Design,Wordpress, etc..

Japan:Osaka Abeno

The details will be described in the documents upon request



You can feel free to contact my e-mail directly. And please check「HOW TO ORER」if you wiling to have wedsite.

I will reply by the next business day.
If you do not receive a reply, please also check the “Junk Mail” folder.