You can feel free to contact my e-mail directly.

And please check「HOW TO ORER」if you wiling to have wedsite.





Of course, we are offering various services such as EC site production, Web marketing, SNS marketing, system development such as EC site, video editing etc., as well as the generally recognized homepage production (web site production). Specifically, please confirm than service contents.

If you can prepare sentences, photos, etc. you want to publish, you can prepare samples of design etc. smoothly.
If you have already contracted or acquired a domain or server, please prepare various information.

If you do not know what to prepare, we can propose through hearings, so please feel free to contact us even if you do not have all the information available at the time of your request.

For more information on what you need, see How to Request.

Is possible.
We have many spot repair requests, so depending on which part you want to repair, you will be notified of server login information etc.
If you are using a CMS such as WordPress, the necessary information will differ depending on the login information and other corrections.

In the case of design only, we will contact you for available items (wireframes and materials) and will produce them.
In the case of coding, we will prepare and produce designed PSD files and various data.

Is possible.
Update frequency and updates. As the amount of money varies depending on the content of production, please present “expected contents and frequency of update” first.

In general, please contact us and it will be approximately one month from ordering.
If it takes time to check the site size, the provision of materials from customers, the timing of photography and preparation of sentences, and the product, it does not fall above.

Also, depending on the schedule, you may be waiting for one to two months.
We will adjust the schedule according to your request if you can present the request for delivery date.